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Renovation has never been so easy. Wood, leather, solid color or even glitter, Kovering offers 470 references of adhesive coverings in 9 ranges with a realistic look and feel. Quick and easy to apply (see installation videos) and maintain, UV and fire resistant, Kovering is the economical solution for giving new life to your walls and furniture.




Adhesive film

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Adhesive film


Would you like to add a decorative touch to your business without undertaking major construction work? With imitation wood adhesive, you can breathe a little nature into your premises. Robust and easy to install, it’s the ideal product for instantly transforming your space.

Our Wood range, inspired by different forest species, brings out the charm of your rooms by adding a natural touch. Whether you’re dreaming of a “Swiss chalet” style interior or a more Canadian ambience, our imitation wood self-adhesive rolls are just what you’re looking for.


Would you like to refresh your interior without having to replace all your furniture? Looking for a way to add a touch of color to a wall or personalize a piece of furniture? With colored adhesive film, give free rein to your imagination for a customized decoration.

Each color creates a unique ambience. Whether you prefer bright, vivid hues or more subdued shades, colored self-adhesive films enhance your walls and furnishings. Why wait any longer to give your rooms or living spaces a unique personality? You can also add a touch of color to any room to liven it up in an original way, whether it’s in a key spot like a door or a chair!


Discover the sophistication and noble character of leather in all its forms with the Cuir range. Thanks to this charming animal effect, your decoration will make a splash without harming nature.

The different textures allow you to create a specific ambience in all the areas you wish to tackle during your renovation projects. Want to add a touch of class to your establishment? So quickly adopt these voluptuous shades that create sensations in living spaces or on furniture, such as chair backs or cabinet doors.


Discover our Marble range, which adds a touch of chic to all your renovations thanks to impressively realistic veining. Whether in dark, gray or white, with a matte or ashy finish, you have a multitude of options for a luxury renovation.

Let your imagination run wild with a matt white worktop in your kitchen or a bathroom with an ash-black credenza. Explore our superb models that will offer a remarkable decorative enhancement to your establishment.


Our Metallic range offers a variety of finishes, from rust to aluminum, to add texture and relief to your interior. Add a touch of silver or gold to your space. If you’re looking for an industrial look, sheet metal or carbon fibre effects are perfect.

Add a modern touch to your interior and easily create a loft atmosphere by covering your cupboards and chair legs! When it comes to decorating, the metallic spirit is a sure bet when applied with taste.

Count on our expertise to advise and support you throughout your decorating projects!


If you’re looking for disco-inspired interiors and sparkling originality, our Pailleté range is here to satisfy you with its glam, glossy and unique looks! Whether you opt for colorful or neutral hues, your rooms will shine brightly when combined with optimal lighting.

Whether creating subtle nuances in a living room, bedroom or dining room, our Glitter range products will add incomparable charm and a touch of rhinestone. Will you succumb to this truly brilliant decorative inspiration?

natural stone

From the “New York apartment” look to gray stone and smooth concrete, our Natural Stone range will satisfy your trendy decorating desires.

From the floor to the walls, take advantage of multiple shades of color to dress up any room. The charm of a “natural stone” look in a room? The impression of small, controlled imperfections…

This is the perfect way to add a modern touch to your wall renovation projects!


The Soft Touch range of architectural films is a top-of-the-range product featuring a special surface with a textured finish. This unique feature gives the film exceptional resistance to contamination and scratching.

The soft visual effects and luxurious tactile feel add a touch of sophistication to any space where they are used, enhancing its elegance.


Explore our Textile range and let yourself be seduced by unique materials and colors.

This collection is perfect for creating a modern, unstructured look! Draw attention and arouse emotions in a bedroom or dining room with the hypnotic textures of the many models available. Just as in the world of fashion, the use of textiles in decoration calls for good taste and a subtle combination of nuances…

Don’t wait any longer to adopt a unique and elegant style that fully reflects your personality.