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How to install film on glass, step by step?

Video guide to successful installation

THE BEST TUTORIAL FOR installing film on glass.

Here it is.


0:03 – Cleaning the glass
0:12 – Prepare your film by rolling it up
0:15 – Moisten glass surface with a mixture of water and Film-On
0:17 – Gently peel off part of the liner
0:21 – Moisten the roll lengthwise so that the liner sticks to the roll and not to the window.
0:25 – Place adhesive film on glazing
0:36 – Unroll the film along the window while removing the liner
0:52 – Squeegeeing out air and water
1:11 – Cut excess film from edges of glazing
1:20 – It’s all over! Good work 👏

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